Catch the Noise

Barbara Jaye Wilson

Dec 9

Long Story Short

(about a short story)

The story behind RED DOT

Keith Snyder’s Call for Submissions for bike-themed fiction was the excuse I needed. The Brenda Midnight characters had been knocking around in my head for way too long. I decided this would be a good outing for them, an opportunity to let them see the light of day, get some exercise. I figured I’d just stick Brenda on a bicycle and see what happened.

What happened was nothing. I take that back. A lot of things happened, just nothing worth submitting.

And so, back to the drawing board…literally, except these days I draw on an iPad. I amped up my work on ROGUE CONE, a graphic novel (reality: probably a short story) about a traffic cone. That work makes me hyper aware of other stuff on the street: pigeons, cobblestones, tossed out couches, gumblobs, and bicycles—some new, some not.

Then I remembered the last time I rode a bike.

I’m happy with how the story turned out. The fact that Keith included it RIDE BIKE FICTION is icing on the cake. Major yummy icing.

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