Catch the Noise

Barbara Jaye Wilson

May 21
smash hit, version 3

smash hit, version 3

smash hit, version one

smash hit, version one

smash hit, version two

smash hit, version two

Feb 7

collision at the intersection of fiction and real

One recent morning, way too early for this particular restaurant to open, I witness people go inside, take stuff out, and load it on a truck. Daring daylight robbery? Seemingly profitable restaurant over-and-done? Partners battling? Someone grabbing what they can before the stuff ends up in a court battle. Then, as I get closer, reality: movie set. So, in this case the reality is the not-real. 

One block beyond, and totally unrelated to the movie, a bunch (a clutch? a blotch? blight?) of paparazzi lurk, waiting, where they frequently do, for somebody who is not me. Either that or I fooled them again with my clever disguise.

Apr 27

Apr 5

Mar 28

curb service on Flickr.

…and there goes a cab

Mar 25

Mar 23

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